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Elevate Your Cybersecurity Standards with Ongoing Risk Management

Hello, savvy business owners! 🚀 In a world where cyber threats are as common as coffee runs, it's time to up your cybersecurity game and make it a standard practice. We're here to break down the complex world of risk management into bite-sized pieces that even your morning latte can't compete with. Let's dive in!

The High Cost of Ignoring Cybersecurity

In 2021, businesses without a robust cybersecurity strategy paid a hefty price – an average of $1.76 million more in breach costs! No wonder 69% of organizations planned to boost their cybersecurity spending in 2022. Cyberattacks are on the rise, thanks to remote work and increased online activity during the pandemic. It's a trend that's here to stay.

About 85% of breaches in 2021 involved humans in some way. Phishing attacks accounted for 36% of breaches, and ransomware added to the chaos with 10% of attacks. In this evolving threat landscape, your top priority should be fortifying your cybersecurity defenses.

Unveiling Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Let's talk about a superhero move for your business: cybersecurity risk assessment.

In simple terms, cybersecurity risk assessment means understanding, managing, controlling, and mitigating risks in your business's digital world.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines it as identifying, estimating, and prioritizing risks to your organization from the use of information systems. Essentially, it helps decision-makers answer crucial questions:

  • What are your business's key IT assets?

  • What kind of breach would hurt your business the most?

  • Where do threats come from?

  • What are your internal and external vulnerabilities?

  • What happens if a vulnerability is exploited?

  • What's the likelihood of an attack?

  • Which cyber threats could cripple your business?

Knowing these answers is like having a crystal ball for your business's security.

The Power of Ongoing Risk Management

Now, why should ongoing risk management be your new best friend? Here are seven rock-solid reasons:

Reason 1: Keeping Threats Away: Ongoing risk management helps you keep digital threats at bay, protecting your business.

Reason 2: Preventing Data Loss: It keeps a vigilant eye on your precious business data, preventing theft or loss.

Reason 3: Boosting Efficiency: Say goodbye to unplanned downtime and frustrated employees. Consistent risk management boosts morale and productivity.

Reason 4: Saving Costs: Identifying and fixing vulnerabilities early can save you money and reputation damage.

Reason 5: Setting the Tone: The first assessments set the stage for future risk management, ensuring your business stays secure.

Reason 6: Gaining Knowledge: It improves your understanding of security vulnerabilities, helping your business grow.

Reason 7: Staying Compliant: You'll effortlessly meet regulatory standards like HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, and more.

Choose the Right Partner

Last but not least, pick the right ally to assess your business's cybersecurity risks regularly. We've got your back! Contact us to learn how we can keep your business safe with ongoing risk assessments.

Stay secure, stay unstoppable! 🛡️

Note: Data sourced from Cost of a Data Breach Report (2021), Global Digital Trust Insights Survey (2022), and Data Breach Investigations Report (2021).

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